St. Patricks Day 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

St. Patricks Day in 5 points is a must go for us every year
Listening to great bands and partying with 30,000 people?
We're so down
we always see people we haven't seen in years and catch up
the people watching is awesome!

Here is how we started our day:
See... we are cheap
I don't want to pay "festival" prices to be able to get our drink on
So we got crafty
SShhhh don't tell

if you are thinking that those look like mini travel shampoo bottles.... you would be correct
at 3 0z each they hold 2 shots of beam a piece
and all 6 are in his left cargo pocket in the picture above

And this:

well that my friends is a bag of wine in his right cargo pocket

::pauses for you to look again::

It was chardonnay to be exact. After starting with a 3 liter bag and pouring half into an empty 2 liter bottle for later consumption by this wino wine lover
we were left with 1.5 liters (2 bottles)

It took several tries and several bouts of laughter to get the whole bag in there
and we tucked the spout back in the pocket to get through the gate cuz festival regulators
don't appreciate people who try to screw them out of their high priced drinks by bringing their own bar

My boys got photobombed
but didn't seem to mind

Sadly this is the only picture of my full outfit, which i lurved!
St. Patricks Day is like a second Halloween to me. Why not have fun with it!
How boring would it be to just wear a green shirt and jeans?

I don't know what the hell happened to his tie, it suddenly got baby sized

We had a blast, can't wait till St. Pat's 2011!
The husband and I were talking and we have decided that next year I need to at least be pregnant so we don't have to walk around admiring other peoples babies all day...
Damn don't you wish it was that easy?
yeah, me too.


The End of an Era: A Locks of Love Photo Journal

Sunday, March 7, 2010

This is my brother-in-law
He's a tattooed, pierced, crazy, bad ass bassist, and an all around awesome guy.
He has had beautiful long curly hair for as long as I have had him in my life, which would be at least 10 years. So you can imagine his brothers and my shock when he called us up and told us he had decided to cut all his hair off.
This is obviously a huge deal, so we decided that it would be great to be there with him for support and to document the event.

This is what we started with:
we had to find a cut that wouldn't make him look like some kind of douchebag preppy guy
you don't get more badass than Johnny Depp

Here we go

The first cut, there was breath holding throughout the room

Examining the damage so far
Notice the beer, it was after hours and she is the owner of the salon and a friend
so we all had a drink to ease the nerves


The final major cut for what was being sent to Locks of Love.

and just like that it was gone

looking like he's still not so sure how this is gonna turn out, but I do remember him saying how much lighter his head felt without all that hair weighing him down

all done, and it looks great!

I think it took years off his face

you can't help but feel good that this is going to be a part of making a beautiful hairpiece for a needy child

Brotherly love
so glad we were able to be there to be a part of this!
I still see an awesome rockin guy there, lack of hair doesn't change that!


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