Just a Rant

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I am so not looking forward to our appointment with the RE. It seems like every time we go to a doctor, our prognosis gets worse and worse. You just mention IF and this is what happens to our bank account:
It's like little bombs explode and rain shit down on us every time we step through a doctors door.

The first one wasn't that shocking to us, we already knew we were screwed on the insurance end. I mean you even mutter infertility under your breath and insurance companies laugh and hang up in your face.

I'm sorry we found no sperm

I can't seem to locate the vas deferens
Your only chance of getting pregnant is IVF with ICSI but since CBAVD is mostly caused by CF you will want to have PGD testing done. Your other option is using DS and trying IUI and then IVF if that doesn't work and OMG

I am just waiting for them to tell me that I have no viable eggs.

::this rant now over::


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