Christmas Lust List

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Laminate flooring for our house is at the top due to having 3 dogs and a cat. OMG you can not imagine the cleanup for 2 puppies with carpet

Bissells Little Green Machine for the carpet that's left in the bedrooms

Victorias Secret Mayfair Pajamas. Thank you VS for offering X-tall for your pajama bottoms
50 mm lens for my Canon Rebel XTI. DH dropped my camera and fucked up my lens

Victorias Secret Ruched Convertible Dress $88
I'll take 1 in Black thanks!

Via Spiga 'Nevin' Boot from Nordstrom
Hello Lover
ok so they are a little pricey $398
but aren't they beautiful?

Chucks, need I say more? I think I shall need them in Pink and Black

Anthropologie Cashmere Squiggle Scarf $99
again a little pricey, but its cashmere and just look at it
my heart swoons

Finally I would love to be pregnant so that I could justify this wonderful accessory
It's only $498
::hangs head in shame::

So, whats on your lust list??


Rain Child said...

Great question:

A pair of roller skates (with pink wheels)
A new duvet cover...flannel with a nice print
A new computer tote
A SLR Camera...I am not sure what kind yet.

I can hardly wait for it!

dawn said...

I love you blog! I can relate...

check this out

mybumpyjourney said...

I LOVE my laminate floors since the move. I am having to invest in a good pair of house shoes with arch support b/c I now have constant heel pain from walking around with no shoes. :) It is so worth it.
I love the scarf too. Too cool. :)

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