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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

written 10.2.2009

So when we went to the Urologist last week I asked that a few other things be looked at before/in conjunction with the biopsy. I just needed to make sure that everything was checked into, and we weren't just doing what was doctors protocol says to do. We ran into a little problem when the doc couldn't find DH's vas deferens. Yeah, those are kind of needed considering they carry the sperm from, well you can look at the picture and see, they meet with the seminal vesicle and make up the ejaculatory duct. So they are just a little on the important side if you are, you know, trying to have a baby and you need the sperm to be able to leave his body and get into mine.

Doc spent 15 mins trying and could only say that he definitely didn't think there were 2 and was not very confident that there was one at all, and if there was one it was very small. Fucking Yay! Could be CBAVD (congenital bilateral absence of the vas deferens) so we ran a blood panel looking for CF (cystic fibrosis) markers. Men who have CBAVD are usually carriers of CF even if they don't have the condition.

Fuck me sideways, are you serious? is all I could think as the doc is talking to me. DH got a little happy that there might be sperm and they just couldnt get out. I'm sitting in the chair ::head:wall:: and have to tell him that although that sounds great the problem with this new finding is that it brings on a whole new slew of issues about genetic testing and statistics of passing CF to our child if we were to use his sperm... (that is if this is the problem and there are actually sperm) the whole time the doctor is looking at me the way a dog does a weird sound. He makes some joke about how he's not even needed, and I seem to really know my stuff. to which I am thinking how can people really go into an office blindly knowing nothing and take a doctors word for everything just cause he has a little more education?..I am sure you see where I'm going with this. I kindly say something about "the more knowledge the better"

So in addition to blood work DH had an ultrasound yesterday. We are waiting on the results for both tests. If it is CBAVD I think that we will probably move directly to donor sperm, which is something we had already come to terms with. I will have to do some more research on all of this before we make any kind of decision.

At least we didnt have to talk too much about them doing a biopsy today, since we will want to find out if cbavd is the issue first..more tests and more waiting.

Oh I promised a funny didnt I?

So as it turns out the Doc was one of DH's recent customers. In fact both of the doctors in the practice were his customers. How do you have a business conversation and maintain your dignity with someone who just had their finger up your ass?


Anonymous said...

WOW. Yeah, I have had Drs appointments like that...I am so sorry! I hope everything comes back clear and you can move onto the next stage of TTC. The funny, by the way, was pretty funny!

I hope your week gets better!

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